Never Ending Lies

by Day By Day

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released July 6, 2015

Augie Ruiz - Guitar
Bug Spray - Drums
Ian Dolan - Vocals
Jared Hutcherson - Guitar
Joey Collery - Bass

Recorded by Corey Williams.
Mastered by Don Fury.
Artwork by Nathaniel Matthews.



all rights reserved


Day By Day Florida


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Track Name: Fakes & Liars
Try so hard to be something that you're not. Talk about struggles you've never fought. I put an end to the lies that you embrace, and expose you as a fake.

You should be ashamed, lying through your teeth. With words so dense, you don't deserve to speak.

Claim to be so hard but we know you're not. A false way of life is all you've got. You'll never know what it's like to be true. You're weak inside and there's nothing you can do.

Cut your tongue out of your mouth, punk.
When you get the chance, you should end your life.
Buried with your lies.
Track Name: Never Ending Lies
All I hear are lies. All I see are enemies. It's my trust that you lack as you stick a knife in my back.

I try to keep a straight mind but you push my anger. You crossed us. You shouldn't have done that. You crossed me. No more chances. You get no more chances.

Too many times I've been played. Too many times I've been betrayed. A cowards way out. You buried our love. Now you're alone and you've run out of luck.

I wasn't meant for this world. Everyone's lying to me. I can't take it anymore. Loss, that's all I'll ever know.

Born into a world of never ending lies.
Track Name: Flat Circle
Spent years searching for a place to run. A place to rest underneath the sun. Cast aside all of my dreams. Crush any hope that still gleams. Replaced by hatred and so full of fear. Nothing left in life, the end is near.

I see no progression for this world, but only the pain that it brings. Living in hell. I’ve learned what it's done to me.

Day by day you've got to fight.

I see no progression for this world, but only pain for myself. Living in hell. I hate what it's done to me.

In this life where nothing is solved time is a flat circle. Everything we ever do or have ever done, we do over and over. Where you touch darkness and darkness touches you back.
Track Name: Suffer the Sadness
She wakes up and takes a look around. Innocence stops as her world comes crashing down. Father lost his job. He tries to cope but it must be hard always shooting that dope. Soon rent will be due, what is there to do?

Suffer, sadness, hatred forever. Suffer the sadness.
Fuck you, fuck this life, fuck you, kill me.

She wakes up and takes a look around. Innocence stops as her world comes crashing down. Mothers on chemo, she swears there's hope. I knows it'll be rough down this slope. Radiation and hair loss, vomit in the bed. Only a few more days until she's dead.

She needs an escape, needs a release. Wishes to fly instead she'll die.
Track Name: I Can't Tell
God is safe in the sky and I am alone in the streets. Wandering my worn path. A clouded image of pain. Wasted. Wasting. Time fades away as my life is fucking lost. I can't tell if I'll make it home tonight. God was never there for me. He knows I'm alone.

God is safe. My life is wasted. I am alone. My time here is fading.